About Technology Help For Mississippi Nonprofit Organizations

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Be health and kid care system, environment issues, or it homelessness issues, non-profit groups helped and have assisted thousands of families and people with dilemmas and any difficulties they confront in their own lives.

While powerful nonprofits may be in their areas of expertise, these organizations are also in need of various resources that would help them be successful in their own attempts. One such place is in the discipline of technological and technology services. The net is an instrument that is very strong and nonprofits consider they could reach more individuals and bring more investments through the usage of services that are online. Nevertheless, they lack the practical know how and the staff to keep a good site that they could use to supply the community with their services.

With this concern in mind, the Mississippi Center for Nonprofits and the Wolf Valley Creative Services have joined forces to form the Mississippi Non-Profit Technology Support System (MSNTAP). The MSNTAP provides nonprofits with the mandatory training and practical know how on various technologies the organization will have to become successful in their own attempts. Working with the nonprofit organizations the MSNTAP plans to use improvements in technology enhance the operational efficiency of the organization in addition to to supply augmentation on communicating capacities of nonprofits.

Part of the MSNTAP services for nonprofits comprise the layout and creation of sites, supply training for nonprofits’ employees, and supply a source of info for any technical demands. MSNTAP helps nonprofit organizations in Mississippi get the proper technological alternatives that the nonprofits desire within their service and ascertain. Once this is created, MSNTAP trains and educates nonprofits’ employees keep and to handle their own.

MSNTAP helps nonprofit organizations in technology preparation. This requires identifying technologies that’ll make the nonprofit’s work more efficient and simpler. The system requires an appraisal of the present resources of the organization, in addition to working around a budget by making cost effective options and acquisitions. Specialists and MSNTAP advisers are available to help the nonprofits with the technological demands that can be customized based on processes and the continuing process that the nonprofits apply.

Nonprofit organizations in Mississippi desire the usage of sites to be better serve the community. Having a professional looking site with great content and visualization can bring more visitors, which might comprise both patrons and customers.

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SEC Baseball with DirecTV

Are you an SEC baseball fan who currently has DirecTV? If you’re a big fan of Ole Miss or Mississippi State baseball teams, we have some excellent news for you. You’ll now have full access to two new apps that are going to change forever the way that you watch all of your favorite Mississippi college baseball games. These apps include SEC Network+ and Watch ESPN, and these are the ones that will host most of the seasons’ games for these two popular SEC teams.

Getting The Good News Out To The Public

One of the most irritating circumstances that die-hard fans of sports teams have to put up with is the inevitable unavailability of a certain amount of games featuring their heroes. Whether due to sponsor blackout or regional bias, many fans of Mississippi teams often go the full season without seeing many of their favorite match ups on TV. This is perhaps the chief reason why this new development is both so timely and so potentially lucrative.

The good news that with DIRECTV packages customers will have full access to these apps was announced in a joint announcement by the Southeastern Conference and ESPN. Reports of an exclusive deal between the two partners have been floating in the air since December, but this is the first official confirmation that change is afoot. More details concerning the deal will be released in the very near future.

More New Ways to View

In the past, Ole Miss and Mississippi State offered their games via their in-house video services. However, since the SEC Network began covering their games in larger numbers, in-house programming has mostly been transferred directly to its official game viewing app.

This season, games featuring Mississippi State will appear on ESPN2, ESPNU or the SEC Network a total of 11 times. However, fans who use the DirecTV app will be able to watch an additional 36 games. If you are a fan of Ole Miss, you’ll be able to watch 12 games on the ESPN network, but can also view 33 more games via the app.

This exciting new arrangement will take its full effect on this coming Friday. DirecTV viewers will be able to use the app to watch the Bulldogs against Marshall. Ole Miss fans will be able to watch the Rebels square off on the diamond against Wright State. No matter which team is your favorite, you’ll be sure to enjoy the expanded coverage that this excellent new app affords.

The New Deal Is For More Than Just Baseball

Perhaps the most important takeaway from the announcement is the fact that the deal between the SEC Network, ESPN, and DirecTV will ultimately involve far more than just college baseball games. The SEC Network has spent years preaching to anyone who will listen about their amazing prowess when it comes to promoting so-called “minor” sports (i.e., sports that aren’t football or basketball) on all 14 SEC campuses. In the end, however, baseball remains by far the single most important addition to the app.

Where Will This Amazing New Deal Lead To In The Future?

It may interest readers of this article to know that the vast majority of other big league cable providers in the area have already reached mutually beneficial agreements with ESPN for the rights to offer the service to their own subscribers. As a result, it isn’t hard to make the conjectural link to a brave new future of sports on demand via a series of handy apps made possible by deals between college sports conferences and sports-specific channels like ESPN.

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Mississippi Delta Cruises: A Great Experience

Image by the@w00d

Between the well-known Mississippi and Yazoo Rivers lies the Mississippi Delta northwest of the state of Mississippi which has Batesville, Greenville and Marks,

Yazoo city also known as the Gateway to the Delta, Clarkdale and Cleveland and so on among its important towns.

Thousands of visitors to the Delta from a variety of heritage, race and culture have come to realize the truth that the Delta is a property existing on its own where interesting, joy and wonderful encounter anticipate all who see it understanding it is not merely part of a sizable part mass, however a world of its own.

On Mississippi Delta, Affordable cruise which helps to decrease the initial cost of a ride to be able to get many players, fill its stateroom and get boarders participate at its occasions is present. For the advantages kids among others on board in times of festivals and affairs, of families, fans, celebs, first timers leading cruise lines make accessible economical cruise.

Those who love food treated to quite flavorful and pleasing home made food and cuisine prepared by globally recognised eateries even as marquee amusement of world class worth on board Mississippi delta cruises endeavour to remove all types of boring minutes.

Many of the leading cruise lines managing economical cruise are open to passengers who prefer to reserve advance bookings for a ride to be able to help you to procure a location.

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Mississippi River Boat Bookings

Image by Jeremy Marx

While on board Mississippi river boat cruises which take its rides through the Mississippi delta, passengers are being told many histories which comprise that of the rich cultural heritage of the Mississippi delta folks and also the times of the Native Americas, river boatmen and non famed explorers like Mark Twain.

Iowa, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Ohio, Mississippi, Texas are just a number of the states which provide river boat cruises so making Mississippi river boat cruises an opportunity for individuals who love nature to view the wonders along the majestic waterways and in addition to budget cruise learn about the history, people, culture and designs of the heartland of America not leaving out a narration of the history of the four bridges crossing the river at Memphis.

The access to several ships or boats (cruise lines) on the Mississippi river with budget cruise and excursions along many ports along the river gives passengers bountiful alternatives to make from. They could also take a look at the popular to April eagle view while on board.

While passengers are free to make a selection of the waterways area they favor from the northern portion of the river popularly called the Headwaters, to the fast going Lower Mississippi with its huge expanses of woodland, they may be prone to appreciating the cool conventional blue grass and jazz music played by live bands along with the existence of the glacial lakes, rapids, swamps and dams while on board on board the boats.

Since budget cruise bargain is a chance, meaning passengers are free to make a budget cruise bargain ahead due to the demos of tours of one hour to three days or above by many cruise lines. By going into the center of the river, they’re able to also get a private river culture encounter.

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Mississippi Shore Holiday Condominiums

Image by wyliepoon

Have you learned of true Southern friendliness? Sure, when most of us picture of Mississippi we think of alligators and swampland but what we do not motive is that Mississippi has an added facet. Mississippi Beach Holiday condominiums are a few of the most economical, likable places to organize your vacation.

Due to their comparative unknown scenario, Mississippi seashore holiday condominiums are a fantastic find.

Mississippi beach holiday condominiums are favored not only for their affordability but also for their locale. This section of the Gulf Coast shore is spread out than the shore in close Florida, Alabama, and Louisiana. Here you feel more like you’ve got the beach to yourself, probably type of what vacationing felt like decades past. Now, you’re to where you go yet Mississippi seashore holiday condominiums furnish you that feeling pretty close to home infrequently. As far as the price goes, you cannot probably root out a better rental condominium for your dollar compared to the condominiums you find on the Gulf Coast in Mississippi. Though rates do deviate, you’re inclined to pay at least a fraction the day-to-day fee of what you’d spend at a rental condominium in Florida

if you’re going to let a Mississippi beach vacation condominium, you try the food. Southern cooking is some of the finest cusine to be loved on earth along with the eateries of Biloxi are no exception. Here you’ll determine a voluminous diversity of restaurants serving traditional Southern cuisine, Creole food and seafood.

If night life is what you need to do, there are a lot of casinos and night clubs in the area to look at.

The setting in the Biloxi area is a lot finer than you might consider.

if you’re considering a holiday on the Gulf Coast, ponder staying in a Mississippi beach holiday condominium. Just dismiss the normal, busy locales and go something novel. Mississippi will do anything to keep you filled and is clamoring for your organization. This combined with conventional southern friendliness makes for a first rate experience. Hence enable Mississippi a chance on your pocket, your family as well as your next escape will adore it!

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Having A Date On Mississippi Delta Cruises

Image by Roger Smith

The Mississippi Delta is characterized by a rich history and culture that truly make it a spot for world-class entertainment. Create enduring memories while on a Delta cruise with your family this summer, relaxing to music and enjoying some of the finest local cuisine in the United States.

Fans of jazz, rock and roll and blues created from the challenges of the early black sharecroppers and poor farmers are certain to truly have a rewarding time on board with a few of its own important towns like Batesville, Greenville and Marks, Yazoo city popularly called Gateway to the Delta, Clarkdale and Cleveland.

Thousands of visitors to the Delta from a variety of heritage, race and culture have come to realize the truth that the Delta is a land existing on its own where enjoyment, joy and wonderful encounter anticipate all who see it understanding it is not merely part of a big part mass, however a world of its own.

Affordable cruise can be found on the Mississippi Delta as a way to take off big rubbish of cash from the initial booklet fee for a ride therefore giving rooms for much more individuals to engage in its activities onboard. Affordable cruise is packaged by leading cruise lines on festivals or quite special affair kids among others, for families, fans, celebs, first timers once some time.

Just as boarders being are treated to fine Mississippi delta blues from back street juke joints fans of food appreciate sumptuous home made cuisine prepared by famous international eateries alongside marquee amusement from gambling places that satisfy world class level on Mississippi delta cruises.

Many of the leading cruise lines managing economical cruise are open to passengers who wish to reserve advance bookings for a ride to be able to help you to procure a location.

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Mississippi’s Bed and Breakfasts

Image by gelle.dk

Mississippi is famous for many things, but the historical significance of its landmarks and personal residences should not be overlooked by any tourists. Visitors who like to tour historical homes have the chance upon which could be seen more than 50 historical dwellings, or see one of the numerous other historical houses through the remainder of the state, to take the Hunt for the Gold Architectural Driving Tour. Guests to the state of Mississippi have the chance to tour a Greek Revival mansion or go to the Historical Hancock County Courthouse. There’s definitely no lack of historical places in the lovely state of Mississippi.

For those vacationers that appreciate being outside there’s loads to do as well. Many visitors come here particularly to appreciate the varied and lovely scene through the state. And also don’t forget that Mississippi offers golf and world class fishing . No matter your fashion is, whatever tasks you love outside, you will make sure to locate it in Mississippi.

Last but not least Mississippi has a number of the most abundant culture to provide visitors who seek out merely that. In Canton those that arrive at the state will have an opportunity to get a taste for that abundant customs in the Multicultural Center and Museum to captivity to schooling. The state is home to numerous dramatic art museums in distinct places around the state and holds numerous shows and culture abundant festivals through the year. The state of Mississippi has only the couple on a romantic escape or even no lack of customs abundant actions that the entire family can appreciate.

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The Outrage Business Owners Must Deal With on Van Winkle Drive, in Jackson Mississippi

Image by ♔ Georgie R


Business owners on Van Winkle Drive, in Jackson Mississippi, are irritated from all the pouring rain this week flowing through their street causing flooding. The street has a lot of things wrong with it as well as sinkholes and poor drainage that is causing the street to flood when it rains excessively. However, the business owners claim that the city has no intentions of fixing their street. Therefore, making them feel unappreciated and stuck without an answer to fix the problem.


One of the business owners, Justin Jones, showed and voiced his irritation and annoyance, after wading through the lake in the street to get to his business. He began assessing the damages as he tried to clean up the soggy mess. His auto repair and body shop had approximately six to eight inches of water inside as well as all his business equipment was scattered throughout his shop.


Ken Cheeks, another business owner on the street can relate to the irritation that, Justin Jones, is feeling. He also had to close down his own business due to the high waters. Consequently, affecting the flow of income within all of the businesses on Van Winkle Drive. The dirty drainage ditches and increasing sinkholes just continue to get worse.


The business owners can’t believe that someone would even come through their street and put gravel down that blocked the drainage. With the drainage being blocked the water flows in the street causing it to flood. They have been dealing with the street flooding for about three years. They just want the city to fix the problem correctly not make it worse for them.


The businesses, along this street, have repeatedly called the city for help, but all they get is derailed with empty promises that they will send someone to assess the situation. Cheeks, as well as other businesses, are considering moving their business to another location if the street doesn’t get fixed soon. They are losing money every time the street floods forcing them to close down until the flooding subsides. Many are believing even though it may cost them a significant amount of money to relocate their business that they will still be ahead in the long run. Some are even considering moving their businesses out of Jackson completely due to how they feel the city just don’t care. It is a shame, being a taxpayer doesn’t help fix the street for their own business.

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Moving Around New Orleans

New Orleans
Image by [phil h]


Known as the “City that Care Forgot”, “America’s Most Interesting City,” or the “Big Easy,” New Orleans provides a lifestyle that is free from the hustle related with most cities. Located between the Mississippi and Lake Pontchartrain, the city is an island by itself. It is a factor that has made local traditions to thrive and develop during the previous centuries. Here is some useful information related to moving about the city.


Easy Grid


Unlike most historic cities with a complex street grid, New Orleans has a straightforward street network that makes it easy for people to get around. One is just required to take into account the meandering of the river. That is because the east-west streets follow the river, depending on the giant loops shaped by the river so long ago. Due to that reason, New Orleanians seldom, if ever, apply points of the compass but instead use uptown, downtown, lake and river instead.


Proximity to Facilities


Due to the tightly woven neighbourhoods in New Orleans, it is easy to reside in a house where restaurants, groceries, banks, dry cleaners and pharmacies are only a walking distance. There is also an Uptown neighbourhood with giant-screen movie theatres. Parks and playgrounds are scattered on the landscape and therefore, parents can even push a stroller from their houses to their favourable recreation spots with their children. Walking is the best means of knowing the neighbours while appreciating the environment. Fortunately, the terrain is almost flat hence huffing and puffing up hills is not experienced.




Due to the flat topography, there are less than 20 feets of vertical difference from the lowest to the top spots in the city and hence, it is an ideal environment for the cycling enthusiast. Many of New Orleanians ride bikes to work using the bike lanes on most streets. The terrain is quite friendly for recreational cyclists rather than transporters


The Streetcar


Many New Orleanians use the famous St. Charles, Canal Street and Carrollton to get to their workstations every day. Soon these streets will be joined by a new route along St. Claude Avenue running down the river and Loyola Avenue to connect the train and bus stations to the central business district. The conspicuous red streetcars along the riverfront help the weekend throngs move from the Warehouse District to FaubourgMarigny without much hustle. Although the bus fleet was affected by flooding brought about by Hurricane Katrina, the routes still serve most city suburbs and offer on-demand service to those that are far-flung.


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Recipe: Mississippi Mud Cake

Mississippi Mud Birthday cake


2 sticks of margarine.
Half a cup of milk.
Half a cup of cocoa.
4 eggs.
1 1/2 mug self-rising flour.
2 cups glucose.
1 tsp of vanilla.
1 1/2 cup pecans, diced.
Dash of salt.
1 little package deal mini marshmallows.


Thaw margarine; bring in cocoa along with beaten eggs, flour as well as milk. Bring in salt and even glucose. Beat well, after that incorporate nuts and even hammer longer. Gather greased pot 13 * 9 * 2 ins. Cook for half an hour at 350F. Pour marshmallows over birthday cake while still hot. Place pie in cozy stove until marshmallows liquefy.

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