Crossroads Film Festival

Image by Marcos Guevara Rivera



The Crossroads Film Society is sponsoring the 10th Annual Crossroads Film Festival. The society is a non profit and multi-cultured organization that helps to supply a means for international, national and local movies to be shown. The type of pictures that are created which feature market, education and the Mississippis culture. The Society holds lectures, workshops and patrons festival like the Yearly Crossroad Film Festival about them to fulfill their objectives.

With all the trials that pictures and film makers have the society still expects in order to honor and celebrate the movies. Particularly if the pictures made are about the South culture and the Mississippi.

At the 10th Annual Crossroads Film Festival there will be movies with B. B. King, Morgan Freeman, and Johnny Cash. Additionally, there are featured, animated and short sorts of movies showing at the festival. There’s a workshop for film makers and beginners that can give advice about film making. A block is made up of short movies and a 2 hour feature or 2 hours short films. An All-Access Festival Pass is available if you desire a complete accessibility to all the movies in the festival.

After the workshops and all movies have been show there will be a bash of live amusements. Narratives and the souths culture will be a great encounter.

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