SEC Baseball with DirecTV

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Are you an SEC baseball fan who currently has DirecTV? If you’re a big fan of Ole Miss or Mississippi State baseball teams, we have some excellent news for you. You’ll now have full access to two new apps that are going to change forever the way that you watch all of your favorite Mississippi college baseball games. These apps include SEC Network+ and Watch ESPN, and these are the ones that will host most of the seasons’ games for these two popular SEC teams.

Getting The Good News Out To The Public

One of the most irritating circumstances that die-hard fans of sports teams have to put up with is the inevitable unavailability of a certain amount of games featuring their heroes. Whether due to sponsor blackout or regional bias, many fans of Mississippi teams often go the full season without seeing many of their favorite match ups on TV. This is perhaps the chief reason why this new development is both so timely and so potentially lucrative.

The good news that with DIRECTV packages customers will have full access to these apps was announced in a joint announcement by the Southeastern Conference and ESPN. Reports of an exclusive deal between the two partners have been floating in the air since December, but this is the first official confirmation that change is afoot. More details concerning the deal will be released in the very near future.

More New Ways to View

In the past, Ole Miss and Mississippi State offered their games via their in-house video services. However, since the SEC Network began covering their games in larger numbers, in-house programming has mostly been transferred directly to its official game viewing app.

This season, games featuring Mississippi State will appear on ESPN2, ESPNU or the SEC Network a total of 11 times. However, fans who use the DirecTV app will be able to watch an additional 36 games. If you are a fan of Ole Miss, you’ll be able to watch 12 games on the ESPN network, but can also view 33 more games via the app.

This exciting new arrangement will take its full effect on this coming Friday. DirecTV viewers will be able to use the app to watch the Bulldogs against Marshall. Ole Miss fans will be able to watch the Rebels square off on the diamond against Wright State. No matter which team is your favorite, you’ll be sure to enjoy the expanded coverage that this excellent new app affords.

The New Deal Is For More Than Just Baseball

Perhaps the most important takeaway from the announcement is the fact that the deal between the SEC Network, ESPN, and DirecTV will ultimately involve far more than just college baseball games. The SEC Network has spent years preaching to anyone who will listen about their amazing prowess when it comes to promoting so-called “minor” sports (i.e., sports that aren’t football or basketball) on all 14 SEC campuses. In the end, however, baseball remains by far the single most important addition to the app.

Where Will This Amazing New Deal Lead To In The Future?

It may interest readers of this article to know that the vast majority of other big league cable providers in the area have already reached mutually beneficial agreements with ESPN for the rights to offer the service to their own subscribers. As a result, it isn’t hard to make the conjectural link to a brave new future of sports on demand via a series of handy apps made possible by deals between college sports conferences and sports-specific channels like ESPN.

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